How to Create your Enchanted Heart Wisdom Altar and make magic happen today !

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A guide for inspiration.


Altars create a focal point in which we can perform ritual, prayer, invocation, intention, meditation and more. It is an act of creativity, a collaboration with LIFE, with the God/Goddess, with the Archetypes that weave through every tradition in one way or the other. Creating Altars, for me, inspires ceremony and art and different rituals I can use to heal my heart, to express my pain or joy, to affirm my gratitude and to specifically manifest a physical expression of different intentions.

Instructions for creating your Amazing Magical Altar

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For this Altar I am using the card I have created that you can receive for FREE when you sign up for my mailing list. You will get a link to download the card. If you have not signed up and want the card,you can sign up to the right.


1. Download your card and follow the instructions to print and assemble.

2.Begin this experience with a sense of wonder, an open heart, curiosity and a purpose. Come in a combination of prayer and play! You are creating something that is an extension of your soul, an invocation of your desires, a deep bow to Life and a collaboration with the energies of the Universe.


3. Sit quietly and ask within what you want the wise woman, Shara Rose Gladstar, who is a master teacher and conductress of Divine Energies, to assist you with. What are your desires/intentions for your Altar ? What do you want to manifest in your life? What do you want support with? I suggest that you write them down.

4. Ask to be directed to the spot in your home where this Altar can be set up. Just go with the feelings you receive.

Clear & Clean

5. Go to the spot where your Altar will be. I consider this spot to be Sacred Space, my little Temple area. If you have a particular way of clearing space, like smudging , incense, singing bowls, singing, essential oil spray, then use that. I always clear the space, dust, and even clean the floor. I often clean the whole room or the whole house when I am creating a new Altar, I feel it shows respect. While I am doing that, I begin tuning in to the creation phase, starting to focus on opening to the flow of collecting the items that will be on the Altar.

Collect and Create

6. Once I get things clean, I start to get intuitive impulses to gather certain things from around the house. They will pop into your mind, and can be anywhere around you. I usually just start to place items on the table or shelf, not being too concerned with where they are, but soon, the arrangement takes shape. Some tips for the creation phase are:

  • Create different elevations. I use books or little boxes, to create levels for my objects. I think it looks better and more interesting.

  • I often put down a beautiful scarf or cloth before placing the object.

  • I like to include in all my Altars, a plant, something with some water, a candle flame or led light, a gem or mineral and something like a bowl or chime that makes a lovely sound.(I suggest that you use an led tea light placed in a holder for the paper Altar Card for safety)

  • Because I am focused on the power of the work that I am doing with the Wisdom Oracle, I use the Mother’s Mandala as the centerpiece, and place the Altar card upon it. I find it to be very powerful. If you would like to order a print of the Mandala, you can do so HERE.

  • Simplicity or complexity both work. You can use a few objects or many.

  • I pay attention to the “story” that my altar is telling me, I look to see if there is a pattern, what the meaning is.

    Meditate, Activate, Open the Portal of the Sacred

7. Now you have created your Altar. You may be a seasoned Priestess or ceremonialist, or maybe this is new to you. Remember that, we all have the abilities to connect to Life and Source and create beautiful sacred energies. Take a moment to meditate in front of your Altar. Take it in, what you have created. Breath and look at the symbols, feel the energy and the power of the physical symbol of your prayers and intentions. At the most basic level, activate your Altar by sharing your intentions out loud, calling forth your teachers and guides, or any Spiritual Archetypes you resonate with, light a candle, ring a bell, and imagine that a portal of energy is opening above the Altar, bringing pure divine energies into your space. Use your intuition to create more steps to the ceremony. You could include:

  • Writing down the description of your Altar in your journal and taking photos. Share your photos and what you write with me! I want to know and hold your intentions with you! You can post in the comments section below.

  • Put on music and dance. Drum or play a musical instrument.

  • Make offerings of flowers or fruits or other gifts.

  • Say poems or prayers or recite things that might have meaning.

  • Call in the directions East, South, West, North, Above & below.

  • You can begin to activate the Altar and your intentions now, and add to them as you wish day by day, while the Altar is up. Most important, enjoy yourself and know that you are connecting to all of life in a beautiful way.

Meditate, de-activate and Close the Portal of your Altar

8. When you feel it is time to dis-assemble your Altar, which could be a few days to a few months, do so with reverence and thanksgiving. I usually do a meditation, think about the changes that have occurred since I first built this Altar, and thank the Source and all of the Angels, teachers, guides, etc. who held the energy for me. Then, I carefully return the items to their places in our home, and clean the space. Sometimes I create another altar right away, and sometimes I wait until I feel called to the next ceremony!

Ideas for Ceremonies

Altar for Success and Creativity

I created this Altar to invoke new energies of creativity, success and focus for my work and business. After sitting quietly in meditation asking to be directed in creating it, I opened my heart and allowed the energy to flow. I began to collect items that felt right to me, and saw a pattern developing. Many of the items were gifts given to me by friends who always have supported me in my work. Other items represented people that I consider mentors, and still other things were about using my magic and trusting in my wisdom, the Wise Women and the Goddess. Below I have closeups of a few of the items included on the Altar. Click each to read more about what they represent.


Altar to build my courage

I did not know what this Altar would be, I just knew that I needed courage to continue on creating and having faith in myself, my work and the path that I am on. Suddenly, I began to collect items, and quickly realized that each thing had been a gift from friends, family, clients, mates and others close to me from the past and in the present . As I put each item on the Altar I tuned in to the energy of each person and said a simple prayer of thanksgiving and intention.



Letting go and invoking forth ritual

As part of the courage altar, were two beautiful boxes I had been gifted with, as well as a small notepad that says “Live the life you love”. I did a ritual of writing down on small parts of the paper, the things I was ready to let go of. These included:

  • relationships that no longer serve me or me them

  • habits that are not healthy

  • thought patterns that hold me back, doubts and fears

I folded those papers and put them in one box. Then I wrote down things that I wanted to bring into my life:

  • New flourishing relationships

  • More clients to enjoy my amazing offerings

  • More money to improve my life and help others

I continued to write notes of things to let go of and things to manifest for the week or so the Altar was up. Then, before I dismantled this Altar, I burned my papers outside in an abolone shell I have, and let the smoke carry my prayers to the sky!

I would love to hear from you and see photos of your Altar(s). If you have any questions, please write them here and I will respond to you personally.