Simply Enchanted Living by Rhianne Newlahnd opens our hearts to the beauty, delight, and magic that permeates our daily lives. However, the truth remains that we often need a guide to help us navigate the path to discovering the essence of our personal enchantments. Deeply informed by ancient teachings, the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle grounds those of us who have reached a ‘certain age’ in the richness of our personal accumulated power. Once we embody this priceless gift can we then step confidently into our new roles of being teachers and mentors for those who follow us.
— Sunday Larson, Author, Mentor & Wise Woman
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The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council

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An Earthy, rich, multi- dimensional, educational tool of transformation for individuals, counselors, life coaches, group leaders, readers, teachers and more.

If you have found your way here today, I know you are ready to access deeper levels of your Intuitive ,Heart Centered Feminine Wisdom and give voice to all the magical facets of your being.You are yearning to create a Simply Enchanted Life and contribute your genius to the world. With this imaginative, astonishingly effect oracle and teaching system, you can do just that for yourself & for others. -shara rose gladstar , council conductress.


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" I believe that being masterful conductors of our lives, in full heart wise power, is what is going to change the world for the better. People who step up into their mastery and express and give all they are most brilliantly designed to create, are living their highest purpose."- Rhianne 

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Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

I consider myself to be an “Enchantologist”, one who seeks spiritual , magical, artful, beautiful, elegant, playful, adventurous, prosperous, joyous, loving, brilliant ways to enrich my life and the live’s of others.

I am the Founder/Director of The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Academy, owner of NewLahnd Studios and a CCHT, Intuitive Consultant & ordained Priestess. For 30 years, I have inspired people to enjoy creative freedom & magically fulfilling lives.

My mission is to be a messenger of the Sacred Feminine , encouraging people to Love Life, Awaken to their magnificence and co-create a truly Enchanted world for ourselves and our children.

I LOVE creating Extraordinary Soul Portrait Tapestries and Sacred Adornment Talismans. I live in Sedona with my beloved Charles, tend my gardens, hike, and enjoy a loving community of amazing friends.