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Rhianne T.NewLahnd

I am a voice for Sacred Feminine wisdom

A Magical Wise Woman like you, I’m a Teacher, Artist, Author, Mate, Gardener & Entrepreneur who believes it is time to create a new and thriving culture that supports Heartfelt Feminine wisdom to lead the way in both women and men.

In the last 30 years I have worked with thousands of people as a spiritual guide, consultant, entertainer and speaker. My quest for a Simply Enchanted Life has led me to create the unique counseling and education systems that I use in my sessions & courses, as well as given me the time and resources to develop my gifts as a fine artist.

I once was deeply disenchanted myself , depressed , ill, lonely and desperate. My quest for joy and well being has taken me on a magical, challenging and fulfilling journey to enchantment! Inspiring others is my passion and purpose.


The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle

A Heart Centered System of Divination and Education for individuals, readers, leaders, teachers, life coaches, counselors, healers, group facilitators and more!

sistars retreat, three of us around oracle.jpg

I am pleased to present an Oracle teaching system that I have created to inspire, elevate & delight all who use it. This tool of transformation introduces a Council of 13 Wise Women master teachers who can lead us to create the lives of our dreams, with power, purpose and pleasure.

png wise women row transp..png

This Oracle was inspired by my devotion for the Divine Mother, a deep love for the Earth and a quest to create a whole hearted , prosperous and magical life. The story of how this system has developed is truly unique!

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