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 Simply Enchanted Living  

  I promise that the path of Simple Enchantment will lead you to a bountiful, magical, masterful and more exquisite life than you can imagine. You have done the work, now it is time to reap the rewards !

"There are millions of women in the world right now who have been cultivating their souls for ages, learning how to be their true selves, and becoming more aware of their purpose in the world.  They have in some ways, even though they have created amazing contributions already, been cocooning and  transforming into butterflies. I am one such woman.-" Rhianne Teija NewLahnd, Director/founder of NewLahnd Studios & The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Academy.

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We have created a  tapestry of offerings to help you manifest your Enchanted life.

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The Enchanted Heart WisdomSystem

A tool of : * Personal Transformation * Professional Counseling and Coaching  * For Oracle readings  * To create your own women's groups  *+

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Letters from the Garden of the Goddess

A gift for you  

 Once a week, an inspired letter by Rhianne
written in her garden while enjoying her tea.