Are you like me? A Goddess in blue jeans? A beautiful unique free spirit who has paid her dues, cultivated precious wisdom and desires to create a more enchanted life and world? Glad to meet you. My name is Rhianne.


Dearest enchanted sister,

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Like you, I have many facets. I am a free spirited empowered woman who inspires others to be the same. I am a Treasure Hunter of the Heart, seeking out the love and delight of this world and the best in the people I come into contact with. I am an Intuitive guide, mentor and teacher. I am an Alchemist who wields my wand and sings my song, invoking the magnificent magic of Life to rise and express her beauty and brilliance, inspiring others to re-enchant their lives with my innovative oracle and education systems, art, ceremony and personal consulting work.

I am a pioneer of the heart, nothing deters me!

(But I sure have had my share of challenges. Read more about them HERE)

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I see you. I am an awesome “SEER” and spiritual counselor. You are “jewel in the crown of the Goddess”. Do you remember who you are? If not, I am here to remind you, If so, I am here to inspire you to remember more!

You can find more specifics about my training, professional experience and personal life by visiting the following:

  1. The BLOG for inspiration

  2. The Art Gallery to learn about my art career

  3. The Academy to explore our courses

  4. Work with me to find out about my 30 years of speaking, Private sessions and Mentoring.

Are you a Magical Wise Woman who senses it is “your time” to share your gifts ? Are you yearning to experience your true essence in creative collaboration with LIFE and others at a higher level ? Me too, we are kindred spirits!

I am devoted to Enchantment. For me, that means creating what brings me and others beauty, well being, prosperity, joy and LOVE. I am NOT an airy fairy (though I have been called a Goddess Faerie), I have my feet planted in the Earth, but I do love to wave my magic wand! I like the practical and the magical!

I perceive that a dastardly spell of dis-enchantment has placed a veil upon our world that blinds people from seeing how beautiful and generous LIFE truly is. I have struggled to break free of this spell, and to a great extent, I HAVE. I desire to do my part to lift that veil by conducting the field of Divine Feminine love, something I am uniquely trained to do. ( from 30 years of experience working with thousands of people, and direct guidance from years of spiritual communion)

To all (re) Enchanted hearts, I invite you to journey with me to realms of wonder and wisdom where we can pioneer new pathways to lives filled with grace and meaning.

I am in my 6th decade now. Rather than retiring, I am aspiring to share my legacy. I have matured into a wise, more refined and skilled being, (not perfect by any means) and know that my best work is emerging now. We are the teachers, leaders, innovators and artists for a new culture. We are spectacular! Allow me to support your flourishing!
I want to know you!

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I am a Story teller. Here is my Story of now.

Since 1988 I have been a facilitator of Women’s groups, A Conductress of ceremony & events.

This is my Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle. It is a fantastic tool of divination, transformation, education & creativity.

Sedona is my Temple. I have lived here for 32 years. I love the great outdoors!

I write. Every day.

Journals, Articles,
social media posts, divine letters, blog-posts & books ( soon to be published)

Tapestry Collage is a great love of mine. I am an artist/designer.

Intuitive guide, CCHT, Ordained Priestess & Wise Woman reader!

Gardening is a passion. My flowers are my family. With nature I commune.

Amazing women I get to work with , My Beloved Charles , friends & celebrations!