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 Mystica- Priestess

Wise Woman of Spirituality
Original for sale, $10,197.00

( Original is 36” x 24 “ .Beautiful Giclee prints in different sizes will be available soon, please use button below to contact me about sending you information or to purchase the original)

I create ceremony, celebrations and rites of passage. I teach how to connect to the true source of Life through meditation and prayer.

Come into the Temple of your Heart, where the spirit of the Goddess resides. Here is the Altar of the divine within you, here is the eternal flame of your soul. I celebrate the rites of passage, of the Earth, and of our lives as human beings. I am here also, for the rites of birth and death, of loss and of awakening. I am the Priestess and initiate you into that part of yourself that is Sacred.


This is a recent work , created during the Spring, in celebration of the Spring Equinox . Mystica is in the Garden of the Temple, dressed in her finery, ready to preside over sacred ceremony. She represents the Divine Mother in her many forms, As Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sarasvati, and more. Her Halo signifies her awakened consciousness. She brings us all to a place of greater peace and beauty within ourselves.

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Original for sale $3,500
27”x 16”

Beautiful Giclee prints of the full piece of close up will be available soon. Please contact me if interested in original or prints.

 Butterfly Goddess

The Butterfly is a beloved symbol of transformation, beauty, hope and joy. Looking out the window of Butterfly Cottage, in the magical realm of Gwynaelwyd (Holy Blessed Homeland)
our Goddess envisions dreams of wonder and wellness for all the world, and envisions millions of beautiful Butterflies taking her message near and far. She is of course, also a Goddess of the flowers, where the Butterfly receives it’s nourishment from pure nectar.

May you be blessed with the qualities of the Butterfly, as you grow more radiant in your pure essential self every moment.

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Original for sale $3,500
28” x 16”

Beautiful Giclee prints of entire piece or close ups available soon. Please contact me for information on purchasing the original or the prints.

 The Seerena the Seer

She travels from place to place, in her intricately carved wagon, filled with magical treasures, herbs and talismans. She offers her insights, her compassion, her dance and her free spirit to those seeking direction, inspiration & transformation. In this portrait, she gazes from a window of her wagon, her eyes filled with love, compassion, joy and awe for the richness and beauty of life. She radiates an aura of color and vibrance! Her Halo is filled with pink roses, sign of the Divine Feminine. She teaches us to BE FREE.


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Original for sale $3,000

Beautiful Giclee prints of entire piece or close ups available soon. Please contact me for information on purchasing the original or the prints.

 Lady of the Lake

A magical Fairy woman gazes from the window of her castle, gazing at the rising sun, as it lights up the orchards and hills of her mystical lands. She is an Enchantress of the highest order, and her magic is used for good, though she is powerful and will not hesitate to speak her truth and wield her sword if need be. She is a devotee of the Great Mother Goddess, and each morning she begins with a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonders of Life, and offers herself to be in service to the Earth and her people.


“From all the world I gather treasures that, when brought together in artistic alchemy, create beauty beyond any one element. I see Simply Enchanted Living in the same way. We bring together beautiful varied treasured aspects of life, and create our live’s as works of art.”-rhianne_

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