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Enter Sanctuary for an Enchanted Heart Journey that will elevate, inspire and delight!

Sacred Sistars all day retreat for two ( or more)

Dearest Sacred Sistars,

Come with me, on a sacred journey, The Journey of the Enchanted Heart. This is a 5+ hour deep dive into enchantment, magic, beauty, wisdom, healing and alignment with the Divine Feminine. This is a time out of time. Enter into a realm that is daily energized to hold frequencies of Love that can inspire and ignite, as well as restore and recalibrate all who enter. This is a time to activate for the present and future, to release what no longer is relevant, and to be given keys to well being and wonder you may not have currently. This is an enchanted adventure, designed to bring more magic and beauty into the lives of all who have the desire and courage to be more of who they truly are.

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The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council

This is a unique and powerful oracle and spiritual counseling system developed by Rhianne over many years. It is a system that allows you, the querent, to access your own inner wisdom by connecting with one or more of the 13 wise women who are master teachers of the most magnificent and magical kind.

Rhianne has led hundreds on this journey and is a seasoned guide as well as a high level intuitive. This tool of transformation allows her to use her many other skills as a hypnotherapist, energy worker, Destiny card reader, healer, Priestess and facilitator in an imaginative, powerful, refined way that will delight you!

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Creating an Altar to set our Intentions

30 minutes

To begin our journey, we will create a beautiful Altar. Before the day, Rhianne will send you a form with some questions for you to answer about your life, your desires for the future, what you want to heal, what you love, what you want to inspire, etc. She will also find out your birthday. Meditating upon the desires of the two of you, she will create an Altar designed to invoke your intentioned desires to manifest, as well as create additional blessings and clearings for you.

Bring your symbolic items and offerings

Tune in before you come to the journey and bring 3-5 items you feel called to add to the Altar. They can be crystals, jewelry, photos, etc. You will take these home with you and they will be energized by the day. You may also bring offerings that you might wish to leave for the Goddess, like flowers or chocolate! Once the Altar is made, we will discuss your symbols and intentions, light the candles and begin.


Flower Essences to assist in the magical opening

During the year, as my flowers bloom, I make flower essences, adding special crystals and gems. I will offer a number of these to you for our opening ritual.

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You will receive this cut out Altar Card to take home and create your own altar with if you wish to.

The Wise Woman Master on this card is Shara Rose Gladstar.
She is the Conductress of the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council and the center figure of the council. She stands upon the Mothers Mandala, which represents the generative field of love created when we enter the circle and work with the Wise Women, Divine Feminine Wisdom is granted to us when we open this portal.

The Mother’s Mandala

The Mother’s Mandala

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Council Sessions

Sisterhood Session for Two

1.5 hours

Sessions can be recorded by you or I, and photos taken. You will also receive some downloadable copies of the Wise Woman cards that you choose.


 We begin our sessions with the Sisterhood Session. This session will be with the three of us, and will focus on whatever the two of you decide you would like to experience together. The Wise Women I am sure will channel through and allow each of you to serve the other with wisdom. There are always surprises that emerge once the session has started, things we might never think to ask, and that is part of the mystical nature of the Oracle. I will also look at the relationship aspects from the Cards of Destiny (based on your birthdays), which can give some interesting insights about present and past lives, your connections, blessings and challenges.

We will begin to speak with the Wise Women, and you will be introduced to the process of going within to access the wisdom they have for you. In this way, we will only need to explain and practice the system once all together.

Individual Heart Wisdom Sessions

1 hour each ( 2 hours)

Individual sessions will focus on that which is most precious and important to each of you individually at this time. We will explore different questions and from 1-3 wise women will speak to you about your questions, concerns, or curiosities. You can choose who goes first. My question to you would be, do you want privacy for your individual sessions? I see a few options for what you will each do during the other’s session.

*If you do not care about privacy, the other person can sit quietly in the living room and listen.

*If you do want privacy, the other person can go to the garden to meditate if it is a nice day, or go into our cozy master bedroom and rest, meditate, journal, read, etc. I would not suggest leaving the property, as it would break the energy.


Opening to Creativity Session

I offer sessions where people can create a sacred object to take home with them. I would propose that, we set up a table of craft items, to create what I call blessing boxes. Lovely little wooden boxes that can be used on your altar, to put your wishes or blessings in, or for other sacred items. It is covered with pictures from magazines like a vision board, and embellished with jewels, feathers, or other elements that I provide. We could set this up and talk about it together, and, while one is getting a session, the other could be making her box. I supply all the materials, unless you have something from home to bring to glue on your box. We could set this project up in the studio where it is private, or in the living room where you could hear one another’s session. Of course, I will be busy so I can not be interrupted during the individual sessions, but if you can use glue, scissors, a glue gun, etc, you should be good on your own.

Closing Ceremony

At the end of our sessions, we will have a brief closing ceremony to thank all the Wise Women, our guides and teachers, Nature and the Divine Feminine!

Tea , Treats and Conversation

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At some point, we will take a break, depending on the energy, how it is going, etc. We can take the break whenever we want, and I will have some refreshments prepared. The refreshments will be gluten free and can be tailored to dietary needs. I will also provide teas or cold drinks as desired. If we wait until the end of our day, we can toast to a wonderful journey and all we have learned and shared together.

Follow up Questions

Often times, after a journey such as this, questions arise after the experience. I offer a follow up of a written emailed answer to any of your questions, in which I will spend 30 minutes doing the best I can to answer you. These questions need to be asked within 7 days of the session while it is still fresh.

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Costs for this transformational Journey

I am excited to offer this journey to you. I wanted to allow my intuition and imagination to create something that sounds like a fantastic and transformational day. I am open to your ideas as well, so you can be involved in the creative process if you wish. I have facilitated hundreds of sessions, ceremonies and creativity sessions, and this is one of my very favorites to facilitate!

The price for this Journey including all the handouts, tea & treats, sessions, followup and downloads is $825 for two.

I would like to make you a special 20% off offer as a celebration gift for the launch of my new website. Reserve your retreat by June, 2019 to receive this gift. ( Divided by two this is a FANTASTIC VALUE)


Add ons to your retreat can include, full meals, photo shoot, sunset hike, extended time, additional half day and more. Prices to be determined.

After booking your journey and reserving a date, you will be sent all forms, advanced suggestions, directions and so forth. There are options for preparation that might help you to get more out of our time together, they are optional. They include things like adjusting food choices, drinking water, meditation, attuning to the Divine Feminine within, and a few other suggestions.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, if you have questions, or would like to tailor it in some ways. I have not charged additional session hours for the creativity sessions because I will not be facilitating them directly, but have included some preparation and material costs. If you do not choose this option, take off $40.00 from the total.

Thank you for considering this Journey of the Enchanted Heart, and rest assured that if you take it, it will be an afternoon we will always remember!

With much love,

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd