Sacred Feminine Wisdom is Key, to a life true and free

This is The Time for us to come forth with all the magnificence we can muster, to express our truest essence.

We are Midwives of Magic

Welcome Magical Wise Women & Marvelous Mystics. Heartfelt Healers, Authors & Artists. Life Loving Dancers, Soul Romancers, Leaders, Teachers & Wonder-seekers.

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You desire a Simply Enchanted Life that:

  • Connects you to your Sacred Feminine Wisdom within

  • Releases you from past sorrows, and gives you the wisdom to navigate the challenges of life, the grief, the anger, the sadness, in a healthier, respectful way.

  • Renews and restores you to express your true and unique self fully

  • Activates your imagination and expands your creativity, intuition and vision

  • Inspires you to higher consciousness and transforms your life with beauty and joy

  • Empowers you to contribute your genius to create a better world

  • Flourishes with wonderful relationships, vibrant health, prosperity and peace

    We can assist you in creating what you desire.


You are at a turning point. It is time to step into your mastery as a magical wise woman and allow your true essence to emerge and awaken. I can help you navigate your transformation.

Welcome dear one, are you hearing the call?
Is it time to come forth, to give life your all?
Are you seeking a path of enrichment and play?
We invite you to explore The Heart-Wisdom Way.  

Are you ready to activate your intuition? To follow your heart song, bring your dreams to fruition? To find kindred spirits with genius and grace? Rejoice my dear sister, you're in the right place.

If you have become disenchanted with life, 
dis-heartened by troubles, burdened with strife.
Come into the Realm, where dreams do come true, 
where the joys of a New Land, are Awaiting you! 

Perhaps you are thriving, but still wanting more,
you desire to know yourself, deep in the core.
Together we'll find, the magical keys, 
that open the doors to new realities.