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"My Life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hue. An everlasting vision of the ever-changin view" 

-Carol King


 Enchanted Heart Soul Portraits

You are a sparkling jewel, with many beautiful facets I would love to portray. Allow me to create a magical heirloom work of art that can last for generations.


A Sacred Journey

The making of your portrait is a sacred ceremony to me. I will be weaving magic with your highest intentions, desires and dreams, into a work of art that will be a prayer to the Divine Feminine on your behalf.

The Journey of creating your Enchanted Heart Soul Portrait is unique. It is a rare experience that will transform you in the most wondrous of ways AND you will have an heirloom quality work of art to show for it! Your portrait will be a keepsake and a treasured possession unlike any other. This portrait will depict you as your Enchanted self, surrounded with favorite colors, symbols, gems, animals and more. This magical work of art will tell a story of your soul, one that emerges during the transformational personal process that you will be embarking upon with Rhianne, who is not only a masterful artist and craftswoman, but also a high level intuitive, spiritual wisdom counselor, and ordained priestess.

From $2,197-$8,497+

(Price depends on size and level of detail desired)


All portraits include a 1-3 month transformational process of interviews, weekly check in calls, a Journal practice and opening and closing ceremonies for your Enchanted Heart Soul Portrait Journey.

Beautiful high quality Giclee prints can also be made of your portrait to be given to other members of the family or to do with as you choose.

We begin with a complimentary discovery call to talk about the creation and process involved in making your portrait.

We can book a phone or zoom call to discuss your portrait and all of the details. Customized features can be discussed, like including a pet or other family member, your spirit guide(s), mythical creatures and more. This is a collaboration of the heart.

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How it Works

Creating your Enchanted Heart Soul Portrait is an act of creativity and courage for us both.

We are collaborators and co-creators with nature, with the Divine Feminine, with our teachers and guides, and with the Creative muse. My intention is that this journey will be a once in a lifetime adventure, a magnificent unfolding of beauty, a joyous revelation of your true self! In our first interview we will be reviewing the answers to some questions that are in the downloadable journal included with your package, the answers will help me to design your portrait:

  •  What brings you to this place today? Why do you want a portrait?

  •  What are the qualities that you want to portray, to invoke for this portrait?

  •  What words would you use to describe the woman in the portrait? Who is she, what does she do? What are her gifts and talents?

  •  What would be five animals or birds or insects that most describe this woman?

  •  What would some symbols be that you like, or cultures with symbols you like?

  •  What are the colors that most resonate with this woman, with this aspect of yourself?

  •  What are five of your favorite gemstones?

    And many more…. 

1.Book your complimentary call

2. Work out the details of your order including cost, size, payment method, program details, dates for calls and other logistics.

3.Fill out your questioner, work on your downloadable Journal and begin the practices suggested before the first official interview. Specific details and a contract will be sent within 5 days of the verbal agreement.

4. Begin an unforgettable journey

For more details of what the Enchanted Soul Portrait Journey will be, please GO HERE. Only a few openings per year are available.


What treasures will come together for your portrait?

I will select from my vast collection of treasures to create your portrait. You may also contribute sacred objects that you want incorporated into the work. Fabrics, jewels, small treasures, special words, and more.