I would love to work with you in manifesting a more enchanted life.

Dear reader,


I have created this site, and the work that I do, for a variety of people. My main focus is on working with women at this time, although I have and do work occasionally with men, and absolutely love it!

If you are ready to embrace a higher expression of yourself, move past the past, and accomplish a tremendous 

Thank you for coming to check out my new website. I have put a great deal of love, thought, time and money into creating this for both you and myself. It is a big step for me to put my work online, and to step into the larger world with my message. I have been working rather quietly for the last ten years, developing my work, my art, and mostly, my self. For I believe that to walk one's talk is an important, no critical component to be able to inspire and support others to do the same. Now in my sixth decade, I am living a life of simple abundance, love, peace, joy, well being and peace. Of course, I am not always at peace, but the tools that I have aquired, and the ones i have developed, really help me to come back into harmony again and again and yet again! I feel that I am now a seasoned wise woman with a lot to share, a tremendous treasure trove of imaginative gifts to offer others, and a community of amazing support.

I am offering a few special services right now, and I promise that, if we work together, I will give you the very best that I have. I have worked with thousands of people over the last 30 years in different capacities, and I am a life long learner and reasearcher, with a keen curiosity about the human spirit and evolution. 

I understand a lot about the human condition from a number of perspectives. The short version is that, I come from a home that was fearful and could be violent. My father was bi-polar and abusive. I aquired a life threatening eating disorder that nearly destroyed me, and through my work and healing, finally ended the roller coaster of my illness. I have been married, and divorced, three times. Each time, I learned more. I am now in a relationship with the most amazing,loving, sexy, wonderful man. He is my partner in life, and in business. Most of the photographs you will see on this site are taken by him. His name is Charles Ruscher and you can see his work here, absoluteinspiration.com.