Options you can consider adding to your portrait package:

1. You have the option of having me include personal objects or family heirlooms such as fabrics, laces, jewels, etc. into the tapestry collages. I do reserve the right to use or not use certain things if they do not feel right for the art.

3. Include another person in your portrait. Occasionally, I can include another person in the portrait. (only in a medium or large portrait).

This could be a lover, husband, child or even a beloved animal. ( I will be including symbols in the portrait that might include animals. If so, the animal would not be or portrait quality, but as part of the general back ground of the tapestry, rather than featured. If featured, the animal will have a much greater presence.) Add between 4-800 for this, depending on the size and details involved.

    I will also create a guided journey that will take us into the place where your Enchanted self can emerge and speak, in fact, I will do this close to the beginning, so that your Enchanted Heart self will really share what SHE wants HER portrait to be like, rather than what your usual self might answer. They might be the same answers, but this process will help us really hone in on the best and highest possible.

Please be sure to view some of my previous portraits, and portraits in progress. I also have original Enchanted Heart Wise Women, Goddesses, Mystics and other magical art I do occasionally for sale. I sell originals as well as paper prints, giclees and cards. Check out my shop here….

The Wise Women, Mystics, Goddesses and Enchanted Heart Soul Portraits I create emerge in magical ways.  

I open my heart to each Archetype and they guide me to the right colors, fabrics, images and embellishments that will allow their radiant essence to shine through. It is a meditation of devotion to translate spirit into form  and allow the flow of divine love to pour through me.

Your Enchanted Heart Soul Portrait will bring you and your loved ones decades of delight! Give yourself a gift of a lifetime, a treasure that you richly deserve and that will bring a higher vibration into your home and your heart


with 6 interviews that combine my intuitive guidance work, my Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council tool of transformation, and a journal process that allows you to transcribe the experience from start to completed portrait.



It is with delight and excitement that I open the gateways to creating  Enchanted Heart Soul Portraits for a few select women (or men) . ( I only do a few of these per year)

This work is something that combines the things I love the most into one premier offer for you.

1.You recieve a unique, one of a kind portrait of yourself surrounded with enchantment, symbols, colors, textures, etc, that are part of your deepest truth and joy.

2. I gather the materials, beads, fabrics, objects that will be part of your portrait, and you can contribute object as well that have meaning to you.

2. We take a 60 day journey together, working closely, in an intensive yet enchanted guided program that will bring your Enchanted Self forward not only in the art, but in your life. See details below.

Beloved Sister,

I know that you are a woman who is contributing so much to the world right now. You have cultivated and refined your soul in so many ways, and done so much for so many. You are creative, artistic, intelligent and oh so generous. I know that you surround yourself with beauty and that your environment is a relfection of your soul. Perhaps you have been going through deep transformation. Perhaps you are celebrating a new life cycle, or a landmark accomplishment. Perhaps you are collecting sacred art for your home or temple, perhaps your home IS your temple. I would love to contribute to the beauty of your life by designing and crafting what I call an Enchanted Heart Soul Portrait for you. I love creating these unique works of art, and do pour my whole heart and soul into them. I have also developed a 60 day program that goes along with the creation of the portrait, as an added bonus to my treasured clients. This program helps me to take a sacred journey with you as I create, get in deeper touch with your higher self, and hopefully, make the journey of creating the portrait an unforgettable, beautiful and extraordinary life experience. I so look forward to collaborating with you.

In loving, enthusiastic anticipation of our work together,

Rhianne Teija NewLahd







1.     We will have a preliminary meeting to determine if we are a good fit. This is over the phone or zoom and is complementary.

2. If you decide to go forward with your portrait, we will be entering into an agreement that outlines our mutual commitment to the process.

3.     I require a 50% non refundable deposit at the beginning of the project. You will choose the size of your portrait and choose from a number of options available. Once this is done, we can write everything down so that we are both crystal clear about what is being created for you.

 4. Once our journey begins, I will be sending you a beautiful digital download that includes some lifestyle change suggestions and some guided meditations/creative visualizations for you. I would like you to do the processes suggested for one week before we have our first interview. This is optional, however, the results of the interview and accessing the information that will be most glorious is more likely with a preparation process. I will also be tuning into you during this time, and preparing myself in a special way.

2. We will arrange for a online video call, and you will have already sent in a questioner that I will send you to fill out after five days of practicing the meditations and following the guidelines. The call will last for approximately 2 hours. I will also be facilitating an Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council session for you. If you do not use a computer, we can do the interview by phone.

3. When our call is complete, I will  begin to follow the guidance I receive and start to gather the elements that will be incorporated into your portrait. If you want some personal objects incorporated into the portrait, things like jewelry, laces, fabrics, ect., I need to recieve those as soon as possible.

4. At the end of the week, we will have another call and I am going to show you what I have been gathering, to make sure that we are in alignment. Based on photographs that you will download to me, I will also begin to sketch out the basis of the portrait, and the way that your symbols or a special environment will be incorporated into the portrait. When we feel in harmony, I will begin to work on the portrait.

 5. Sometimes the creative process goes quickly and flows. At other times, there is much contemplation, or waiting for a message to come through, or an element I want to incorporate to show up. I might need to go to some special shops or sales to find a perfect fabric or detail.

7. At week 4, the balance of your payment will be required.

8.  Every two weeks, we will have a one hour phone call, and you will have filled out journal pages with prompts that I have sent you. These calls will give me more insight, and keep me in tune with you on many levels, and keep our energies in sync. I can also use this time to ask you questions if I need to, and visa versa. We can also address any issues or questions that might arise and "play" with the energies of your Enchanted Heart Wisdom.

8. When your portrait is complete , we will have a closing interview, talk about the past two months, share our hearts, share the finished portrait, and I can get your insights or last reflections.I will also be creating a written document that will be my Oracle reading for your portrait.

10. Your portrait will be carefully packed and sent to you ready to be framed or hung as is. It will be stretched on custom made stretcher bars with a fabric trim self frame, but framing can really make it even more spectacular!

11. You will hang your portrait and have it as a reminder always, of the Enchanted Wise Woman you are, and that one day , many, many, many years from now, your portrait will be passed on and treasured by a family member or friend.

All prices include the portrait, shipping , the full program and all digital downloads, meditations and recorded calls.