Dear enchanted one.....

Are you like me, a creativecuriousfree spiritedwonder-seeking soul, part Wise Woman, part Life Lover ? Do you believe, as I do,  that we are designed to be incredible, enchanted beings who can manifest miracles and are connected to a deep, heart centered guidance system within us that, when activated, leads us to express our true purpose and power with ease, grace and beauty? If you have found your way to my realm, we must be kindred spirits, and I am so grateful you are here. If we were together in person, I would embrace you with all my heart, there is so much I have to share and want to learn about you!


Enchantment is an Earthly experience. Life herself, Mother Nature, is our Enchantress, and it is with her, that we collaborate to create everything. 

My love for Life is immense. I adore Life. I have learned that the more I love Life, the more she loves me back.

I love making green smoothies with greens and flowers picked fresh from my garden. 



I have developed a healthy relationship with Life , thankfully. This was not always the case, and many decades of my life were spent in and out of despair!

 Now,I am provided with every wonderful thing I require to live and thrive, and each day I give back to Life all the love, creativity and service I can.

The word ENCHANTMENT sings to me. I LOVE to be Enchanted by the Sedona Sunsets, the Giant Dinner Plate Dhalias in my garden and the Sexy Smile of my beloved mate. 

About 30 years ago (OMG, has it been that long ago!!) I had a life changing transformational spiritual experience standing on SugarLoaf Rock, The Heart Center of Sedona. I was literally screaming my prayers into the strong winds, asking that the Magic, the Enchantment of Life be returned to me. The answer to my prayer came with the activation of a deep, wise, mystical voice within my heart. The voice of the Divine Feminine. The voice of Life herself. The Goddess. 

That pivotal evening I became a Priestess, a Devotee, a Ceremonialist, a Conduit, and a Spokeswoman. ( I had never been any of those things). Little did I know that when I came down that hill and began facilitating my first Goddess Group, that I would end up traveling all over the United States, to many continents of the world, to conferences and gatherings, creating workshops and ceremonies that all were designed to allow others to feel the love and beauty of the Divine Feminine in her healing, compassion, power and purpose. "Wake up, Wake up, wherever you are", I would sing to the attendees of the performances of my original one woman sacred theatrical musical and other gatherings. 

I can not say which I love better, Art, Writing, Performing or Teaching/Counseling. Each is magical in their own right, and allow me to channel my higher self  and be in communion with Nature, The Goddess and all the Divine Realms at once! I love all the aspects of myself. So much so, that I have created a truly innovative, creative, effective tool of transformation and education that almost defies being named, but that I call, The Enchanted Heart Oracle and Teaching system. It looks like a beautiful board game.










I have a Simply Enchanted Life now, but it was not always so. Dis-enchantment came early to me, when as a teen, the anger, abuse, confusion and fear around me, took it's toll. 

I could not understand the lack of happiness in our family. We had everything one could wish for. A house, cars, clothes, food, money for travel, house cleaners and a swimming pool. But there was so much fear, anger and tension in our home. My father had brain chemistry issues, and my mother was much more interested in getting her hair done and climbing the social ladder than 


Here I am

I’m all for the Light — the illumination that leads to liberation. My definition of holistic includes green juice and very loud rock n’ roll; pop culture and eastern mysticism; justified anger and deeply sweet empathy. I love the game of business and multimedia. I’m saddened by greed. I believe that generous people have more to give.

I stand for making money in meaningful, eco-honouring ways. I’m an introvert who rarely inserts herself into conversations, but if you ask my opinion, and especially if I have a microphone in my hand (which makes me happy), I will speak very, very clearly about matters of the heart. I think everything is a matter of the heart.

My Core Desired Feelings are Radiance and Devotion, and two other words that I keep to myself.

Music has saved me more than once. I want to do more yoga than I already do, I want to paint more than I have. Being my son’s mother is my greatest honour and biggest laugh — mostly, it’s him laughing at me, not with me. Not long ago he said, “So are you a philosopher?” I answered, “Ya. Well, more like, I’m very philosophical.” He thought that was hilarious.

I think the best self-help is self-compassion.

Really, I just want to keep offering “spiritual” backup. (I put spiritual in quotes because that’s a relative term if there ever was one.) I’m committed to being straight up, as kind as possible, and useful — right now. Now, when you’re in pain. Now, when your life is good but you know it could be so much better. Now, when you’re longing to take that hot heart of yours and really do something with it this lifetime.

I love the phrase Godspeed. It reminds us that the light is right here, in a flash, and that the universe is rooting for us.




I admit it. I am now 4'10. That means, WITH my three inch platform sandals which I usually wear, I am 5 ft. The most fun thing so far about being tiny, is being called a Fairy Goddess. 

A Rose by any other name.....

My name is Rhianne Teija NewLahnd. I made it up myself and legally changed it  in 2010. It is designed to go well with my astrology chart numerologically and means The Benevolent Queen chosen to fashion a New land. I am playing my part in being a voice for the creation of a thriving new culture on Planet Earth, and hold a vision of beauty and re-enchantment for our world. I believe that all women need to take command as the "Queens" of their own realms, in a compassionate, conscious, gracious and powerful way.

I love all things Divine Feminine and "she" inspires all the teaching, writing,  performing, facilitating, counseling and designing I have done for 30 YEARS!!! 

It has been a great privilege and challenge to conduct ceremonies, performances, workshops, and private intuitive sessions for thousands of people in the last 3 decades. I was featured as one of the Wise Women in the amazing movie "The Song Within" ( available to view on Gai tv) and back in the 90's was featured on the show 48 hours with my women's groups. I have an album of original songs I will be re-leasing soon that were used in my one woman original musical, "The Awakening Woman".

 I had the joy of being featured as a writer in Goddess Guru Magazine out of Australia, which you can still get online, and more recently White Light Magazine. I am currently compiling a book of Love Letters from the Garden of The Goddess. ( you can get some free love letters here)

In 2004, I sold my 3,000 sq. ft. Sedona home of 20 years and all my "stuff" and began an extended sabbatical that would take me on a four year journey living in 8 different places and three different countries. Much of my time was spend in meditation, seclusion and communion with spirit. I began working on a project for an oracle "game" and teaching system that was based on the power of Wise Women Councils.  I was guided to create this system by connecting to the Deva's of Earth, and a group of 13 wise women archetypes.  I was able to combine all my artistic and literary gifts into :

My most complex artistic, literary, educational and transformational creation ever! I call this Unique creation "THE ENCHANTED HEART WISDOM COUNCIL SYSTEM".

I returned to Sedona, the land of my soul, and have been back here now for ten years where I live with my beloved partner of 6 years, the incredibly gifted photographer Charles Ruscher ( is is also a computer genius) in our very enchanted love and joy filled home with a beautiful garden, a tiny art studio and our dog, Nova.

On a more personal note...





A Tall Tale for a Tiny Woman  


My story is rich, a true heroines journey. I was born near beautiful downtown Burbank in the 1950's when Natalie Wood and Debbie Reynolds used to walk around the plaza! I Always wanted to be a singer, and practiced in front of the plate glass door every day after school for hours with my parents records of Barbara Streisand and South Pacific.

I was smart, creative and strong, but unfortunately, my parents both had mental illness issues. 

But I was also raised by two troubled people who had been raised by abusers, and unfortunately, though they did a better job than their parents did, I The tale of a gifted child who became an angry rebellious young woman of the 70's and rose out of ignorance, despair, mental and sexual abuse, disease( life threatening eating disorders) and disappointment, determined to live an enchanted, loving & creative life, and is doing just that! ( for details on the challenges I have overcome, go here)



My name is Rhianne Teija Newlahnd, but it was not always that. It started out as Leslie Michelle Davis, went to Leslie M. Striegler, then to Leslie M. Wolfstein, then to Lhesli M. Dhove.! I have a five life path in numerology, and it is all about CHANGE, so you could say change is my middle name. About 10 years ago I decided I needed a really BIG change,



I am reaching out to those that wish to find and refine their own authentic enchantment and a deeper meaning. I am putting out a call to gather, to support other wonder seekers .It is time for the Wise Women of Heart to hear the call to trust and follow their inner compass!



Over the past 30 years I have had amazing experiences and the freedom (time) and good fortune to develop unique abilities, techniques and artistic expressions that have allowed me to work with people at a very high, refined & effective level. 

I have had the great privilege and challenge to conduct ceremonies, performances, workshops, presentations and private intuitive sessions for thousands of people around the world. My message of inspiration is mainly for women to awaken and become the "Creatresses" of their own realms. My intense interest in the self discovery movement led me to read , research and embrace many paths, divination systems, counseling therapies, and more.  In 2004, I felt called to sell my beautiful Sedona home where I had been for 20 years, and to begin a new chapter of my life by re-inventing myself. I embarked on what turned out to be a four year journey of travel and healing. I lived in many beautiful places, including Northern Idaho, British Columbia, Oregon, Florida, Guatemala, Montana, California and North Carolina. I began working on a vision for an oracle "game" and teaching system that was based on the ancient form of  Wise Women Councils. Such councils used to be a foundational part of culture. This system began to take shape, and I realized that my inner Archetypes were coming forth to speak and be part of the creation.  Every aspect of my being, the Mystic, Earth Whisperer  , Healer, Seer, Mother, Wayshower,Artist, Magician, Lover, Peaceful Warrior , Manifestor, Artist, Scribe and Master Self, all wanted to come forth and help me to create:

My most complex artistic, literary, educational and transformational creation ever!




My name is Rhianne Teija NewLahnd. That was not always my name. About 10 years ago, I stood before a judge in a courtroom, and asked that my name be changed legally. 

I adore stories. My childhood was spent pouring over fairy tales, and watching musical movies, 


My quest is to constantly become re-enchanted with life and the wonders and wisdoms intrinsically woven into the true divine design of our mysterious world.



I believe that we are magical beings here to imagine and manifest lives that are fantastic, creative, fulfilling, loving, joyous, passionate & filled with beauty and vitality.

And the ability to keep loving life, even when the going
gets tough.

My name is Rhianne. I have spent the better part of my life creating an environment of beauty, creativity, feminine wisdom, love, enchantment and more. I have worked to become a woman who attracts a life of blessings and abundance. I am successful. I also traversed many dark days to get here.

In my work, I have had the privilege to inspire many people to wake up from dis-enchantment, and follow their Heart's Desires. I believe we are on this amazing planet, to co-create HARMONY ON EARTH. (I have also been called a Faerie Goddess)


Wake up,Wake up, wherever you are, dreams can come true, as the woman you are. Awaken now, let your true heart be spoken, the spell will be broken,that put you to sleep, such a long, time ago. 

-Lyric from original song Awakening Woman by Rhianne

I invite you to listen to my song for you