Dearest one,

My heart is rejoicing that you are here! These are powerful times, and the energies of Divine Feminine Wisdom and love are coming forth in waves across the Universe. Our beautiful planet is being engulfed in these waves, and the Aquarian age is washing away the old that is no longer healthy or relevant, so that there is a welcoming space for the new to come in and flourish. You are a part of a new wave, and I know you can feel that. I know that you, like millions of other souls, are awakening, shifting , growing and creating with a new perspective and sense of purpose. I also know that, there are places in your life that you would like to refine. That there are aspects of yourself that could use help and support to shift and grow into the woman that you can see before you in the future and the life you can also see. It is my pleasure, my joy and my intention to support you in any way that I can, so you can succeed at fulfilling your heart’s desires. I too, am experiencing the waves. Perhaps, like me, you have creative work you wish to bring forth, or areas of your life that you wish to heal and complete, so that you can move ahead into the “new land” and not bring old baggage with you. I know this is what I desire. Because of my desire for this level of healing and ability to express, I have had some amazing experiences on the physical, spiritual, mental and magical planes. I want to share this experience and the amazing creative transformational tools that have been given to me, because I know that when we share our heart’s and our journey with others, we are propelled forward and gain more clarity ourselves. I am ready for this, and I believe that if you are reading this letter, it is likely that, you are ready as well. And so, I invite you to Simply Enchanted Living and the world of wonders that are contained here now, and that will be added and expanded over time. You see, I wish to enter the magic and wonder of the Goddess, of the Divine Mother, and of Life herself on planet Earth. I wish to explore and express more than ever before, and I know from past experience, the best way to do that, is to be a pioneer and adventurer. It gives me purpose, inspiration and motivation. So welcome, and get ready, for a magnificent magical ride! much love, Rhianne