When Magic hits the fan!

Tonight I can feel a tremendous magical energy coming together. It is strong, and very powerful. There is a convergence happening, and I am a part of it. I can feel that. I am being asked, to join in, to be a part. I am being asked, to make an opening, so that the beauty can come through the portal that I hold open for humanity. Yes, I am a portal opener. A Gate Keeper. It is an odd combination indeed. It is a great gift and a great curse and a great course of life as well. There is magic in the air. It is very different and strange, and I could be frightened by the velocity of it right now.

I am reminded then also of my Angelic Visions. Though not often come, they have and do come. The Angels of the Violet Flame song came to mind this evening during a letter to a friend. I was so tuned in in those days, a receiver of great creative flows. It subsided for many years, and now, will it resurge in a way befitting my state and stature? Of course, it will and it can.

I am also reminded of my desire to broadcast love and beauty and enchantment. I have plans for how to do it, with magazines and such. Once I have my website up and things moving, then, I can share, and explore, and connect. I have been preparing for this quite a many years. Now, I have some valuable skills. So that I can in many arenas, broadczst my message directly.

Copy of 13 Wisdoms for a more Enchanted Life today

Cards from the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle and Teaching System , Charms by Deva Designs

Cards from the Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle and Teaching System , Charms by Deva Designs

"  Make the foundation of your life rich in wonder, beauty, joy, spiritual connection and healthy habits. You will flourish. It sounds simple, yet truly living in your divine rhythm takes a great Love of self and Life. If you are open to attuning to it, you will be guided by the deep Feminine Wisdom within on this great adventure." 

-Shara Rose Gladstar, Master Teacher

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What is your recipe for a life you love, that loves you back?

When you make a recipe, you gather your ingredients. When you create a work of art, you gather your materials. If you are wishing to make a delicious meal or a beautiful picture, you gather the highest quality elements you can muster. Once you have those elements, you combine them with care and consideration. Just the right amount of this and that, assures your finished "product" will be delightful and of course, enchanting. One rotten apple or tarnished bead can ruin your  cobbler or beautiful necklace! What is the recipe for your life? What are the elements that you currently or want to include to make each day beautiful, healthy, fulfilling and Enchanted?

What are you ready to let go of and clear from your life that you find disenchanting ? 

" But not everything in my life is of the highest possible quality. Things do spoil and tarnish. I can't create perfection, in fact, I can drive myself crazy trying to make everything "right".  I truly wish to know how to take the next steps, I know that I am very close to finding the keys to my true self, to the secrets of being myself. What do I do? What comes next?" ( I hear your heart ask, as mine does , to ourWise Woman within ) 

"The First thing I want you to do my dearest, is to RELAX, says the Wise Woman within. Take some deep breaths and focus on your heart."


1. Relax

 I see Life and how we live our lives as two different things. I experience Life  as the source of creation, as the energy of manifestation and all that we see and experience and are. Our lives, are what we do with our relationship with Life. I have learned that when I love Life, Life loves me back. When I get frustrated with how I live my life, but blame it on Life herself, ( you know, we say Life sucks, Life is not fair, etc. etc, but I feel it is not LIFE that sucks, but how we are living and experiencing life that can suck)well, then my life does not go nearly as well.

So I have and continue to learn how to live with Life in a more collaborative and co-creative way, and fashion an experience as Rhianne to be custom made to fit me and how I have been created as the soul, woman and person I am. This has been and continues to be a journey that so far as lasted over 60 years! I know that you are a magical woman (or man) who is ready to take a leap and enjoy and respect and honor your experience of Life as never before. I am pleased to offer this guidance from my heart, to you, as my gift. When I asked what element to begin with, the word that came up so strongly was RELAX. So I encourage you, relax, stop all of your activities for the moment, and be fully present. To be able to truly listen to Life speaking through our hearts, we must slow down, relax, and open.


My Darling One

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Take a very deep breath. I invite you to relax, let go and release all of the energies, thoughts, ideas, beliefs and clutter that clouds your body, mind and spirit, and rest your heart? That would be so very lovely. Here, let me help you get more comfortable. Allow me to make you a delicious cup of relaxing tea. I will put in herbs from my garden, Lemon Balm, Rosemary and Rose petals, for a soothing, uplifting brew. You might be weary, or you might be wonderful. You might be sorrowful, or you might be elated. Whatever your current state of being is, we will open to more harmony, balance and beauty together. I have created a short relaxing guided journey for you as a gift. Please take five minutes to yourself in a quiet, comfortable place. If you can make yourself a cup of tea in a favorite cup, do so. Take some time when the guided journey is over to contemplate these questions. Perhaps write them in your journal. Next week I will share part 2 of this series with you. Until then, may you experience many magical miraculous changes that will help you to flourish in every area of your life! I hope you enjoy our time together as we access our inner Feminine Enchanted Heart Wisdom.

With deep love, honor and support,

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd


I am curious and delighted to receive your comments and will reply within a few days.