When Magic hits the fan!

Tonight I can feel a tremendous magical energy coming together. It is strong, and very powerful. There is a convergence happening, and I am a part of it. I can feel that. I am being asked, to join in, to be a part. I am being asked, to make an opening, so that the beauty can come through the portal that I hold open for humanity. Yes, I am a portal opener. A Gate Keeper. It is an odd combination indeed. It is a great gift and a great curse and a great course of life as well. There is magic in the air. It is very different and strange, and I could be frightened by the velocity of it right now.

I am reminded then also of my Angelic Visions. Though not often come, they have and do come. The Angels of the Violet Flame song came to mind this evening during a letter to a friend. I was so tuned in in those days, a receiver of great creative flows. It subsided for many years, and now, will it resurge in a way befitting my state and stature? Of course, it will and it can.

I am also reminded of my desire to broadcast love and beauty and enchantment. I have plans for how to do it, with magazines and such. Once I have my website up and things moving, then, I can share, and explore, and connect. I have been preparing for this quite a many years. Now, I have some valuable skills. So that I can in many arenas, broadczst my message directly.