Enchanted Heart Wisdom Guide & Artist

Enchanted Heart Wisdom Guide & Artist


I am the creator of The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle, the founder/director of The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Academy, a master collage tapestry artist, jewelry designer, author and speaker.

Inspiring people, especially Magical Wise Women like you, to realize your deepest heart’s desires, shine your light, and create the freedom emotionally, physically, mentally, creatively, financially and spiritually to live as you choose without reservation, is my greatest joy.

I am a lover of life, a curious wisdom seeker, a researcher and deep diver into the realms of the heart. How to cultivate enchanted lives that are rich in connection to the natural cycles of Mother Earth and bring a New Earth to birth, is my passion.

I’ve worked with thousands of people during my thirty year career and feel like the BEST IS YET TO COME!

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