Dearest enchanted sister,

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Simply Enchanted Living and The Enchanted Heart Wisdom System are two pathways to accomplish this goal. We are called to enter our hearts and live natural harmonious lives that truly matter.

To all enchanted hearts, I invite you to journey with me to realms of wonder and wisdom where we can pioneer new pathways to lives filled with grace and meaning.

Will you join me?

To begin visit the Wonder & Wisdom Blog for inspiration, The Enchanted Art Gallery , The Academy for our amazing courses events and programs, and my Spiritual Counseling Offerings.
Everything is designed for Upliftment , healing and inspiration. Make sure to sign up for our free gifts as well!

I am a treasure hunter, alchemist and magician. I am a Conductress of divine energies, wielding my wand and singing my songs, coaxing the magnificence and enchantment of Life to arise and express her beauty and brilliance.

I do the same for the people in my life, my students, clients, family and friends. I do the same when I create works of art. I also coax the magnificence from myself so I may know my true essence and allow that to flow out in all her glory! I want that for you as well.

As an artist and storyteller, I focus on play, imagination, creativity and connection.