Dearest enchanted sister,

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How would our lives change if we reconnected to the visceral, physical and natural around us? If we reclaimed what truly matters in our lives?

To all enchanted hearts yearning for an illusive more, journey with me to realms of wonder and wisdom where we can tune into our true essences and bring forth the visions and desires that can only manifest when we are connected to the field and flow of Life herself in her It’s what makes our lives rich, creative and most of all, meaningful.

Will you join me?

To begin your adventures, explore with me through my nature-inspiredart experiences, visit the Travelogue for wonder-seeking ideas, or take a peep into the Curio Shop for original art, gifts and tools. For my fellow artists, there’s the Labyrinth of Enchantment, a place for healing the creative spirit through wonder.

Are you like me, yearning to experience the fullness of your true essence in creative collaboration with LIFE in a free, healthy and joyous way? Are you a magical wise woman with numerous gifts to share and a sense that this is “your time” to share them?If so, I am pleased you are here, and know we are kindred spirits!

Do you remember when you decided to be true to yourself no matter what? How rich and scary and rewarding your life has been ever since? When did you last stand Or the last time you took a moonlit walk, gushing over moon shadows and awestruck by the silent huntress owl?

There’s never been a more important time to savor such wonderment, and nurture the inquisitive, explorer child in all of us. Already, I feel deeply the loss of old-fashioned play and wonder, mourn the passing of the age of discovery, and lament how technology has lulled us to imagined but not quite lived, adventures.

As an artist and storyteller, I ask a simple question:



Down a road that twists and turns around magnificent red rock formations, one comes to a simple home nestled in a hillside. Coming through an arch richly covered with fragrant roses, you encounter a garden who’s beauty delights your soul. It is tended by a magical wise woman who is said to be part Faerie and can speak to the Deva’s of the world and the nature spirits of the Flowers and plants with ease. She invites many seekers, mystics, leaders and other Wise Women and Men to the cottage she shares with her beloved mate, Charles, who is a handsome Elf talented in numerous arts, photography being one of the most fantastic!

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She often serves tea and homemade treats and then conducts unique innovative sessions, ceremonies classes and events that inspire those that come from all over the world to become more aware, radiant, alive, creative and enthused about creating Simply Enchanted Lives. She has a gift of connecting others to the great wisdom within their heart’s. She does this by following the guidance of the Divine Mother, who speaks to the tiny but mighty wise woman and activates her magical powers of insight, transformation and creativity.


Tucked in the back of the cottage, is a room filled with beads and fine fabrics, paints and potions, computer screens, and notebooks stacked high, filled with course materials and channeled letters being transcribed into books, online messages and gorgeous art works. She sends out her love and light to thousands of other Magical Wise Women, and feels a deep sense of joy, purpose, passion and peace. If you want to learn more about her private work, go here. Her Art, here, and her teaching, here.

From a very young age, this tiny but mighty being loved to create and manifest beautiful things and make miracles happen.

But all was not well in the realm she was raised in. There was great darkness and sorrow over the land, and the Mugal like people who raised her did not understand or approve of her magic, so she became angry and tried to make them understand that LIFE herself was amazing, beautiful, powerful and needed to be honored and appreciated. Eventually the young Wise Woman to be, sunk into a terrible depression. She refused to eat, and became deathly ill. She became angry, and her anger rose like a dark cloud around her, attracting people who abused and used her until she lost almost all her light.

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My heart is soaring with Joy that you are reading this. You might be a dear friend, and I welcome you and thank you for being here. You might be a new kindred spirit and I know it is as much a gift to me meeting you, as I hope it will be for you meeting me.

I imagine, like me, you do many things. You are extremely connected to Life, to beauty, to the desire to live a fully engaged, creative, healthy and bountiful life, and you have a lot to share with others that can help this world evolve. Perhaps, like me, you have entered a “realm” of inner acceleration and you want to do all that you can to manifest your heart’s desires!

I have spent my entire adult life on the Spiritual Path and as an Artist/Writer, Leader and Spiritual Counselor. I know that it is likely you too have a tremendous amount of experience and talent. I am also aware that, I need to remain connected to Sacred Feminine Wisdom in order to continue moving forward. For me, this is my path and one that I have followed for eons I am sure.

I realize that, not everyone has followed the kind of path I have. I never had children and have created a life with a tremendous amount of freedom to explore LIFE herself. I am a researcher, and also a metephysical engineer of sorts, putting together systems and ceremonies that can create specific energy fields for focused purposes.


My most beautiful creation so far I call The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle and teaching system, which you will learn more about as you explore this site.

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I invite you to join me in being part of the community that is being built around this Oracle and teaching system. There are so many beautiful Journeys and Adventures to discover. So many inner treasures, and outer manifestations. I have a treasure trove of gifts for you, something for everyone to experience the Enchantment I have discovered.