An Enchanted Life


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" I believe that being masterful conductors of our lives, in full heart wise power, is what is going to change the world for the better. People who step up into their mastery and express and give all they are most brilliantly designed to create, are living their highest purpose."- Rhianne


Are you like me, a wide-eyed, wonder-seeking old soul, part woodland nymph, part world explorer? If so, I’m grateful our paths crossed, we must be kindred spirits!

Do you remember the first time you saw an octopus in an aquarium? All twisty arms, shifting colors and fluid body? Or the last time you took a moonlit walk, gushing over moon shadows and awestruck by the silent huntress owl?

There’s never been a more important time to savor such wonderment, and nurture the inquisitive, explorer child in all of us. Already, I feel deeply the loss of old-fashioned play and wonder, mourn the passing of the age of discovery, and lament how technology has lulled us to imagined but not quite lived, adventures.

As an artist and storyteller, I ask a simple question:

How would our lives change if we reconnected to the visceral, physical and natural around us? If we reclaimed what truly matters in our lives?

To all explorer hearts aching for an unknown more, sail with me on a wonder-filled journey of re-embracing our humanity, our wildness, our very essence of aliveness. 

It’s what makes our lives rich, creative and most of all, meaningful.

Will you join me?

To begin your adventures, explore with me through my nature-inspiredart experiences, visit the Travelogue for wonder-seeking ideas, or take a peep into the Curio Shop for original art, gifts and tools. For my fellow artists, there’s the Labyrinth of Enchantment, a place for healing the creative spirit through wonder.


" My quest for Enchantment was inspired by a desire to heal from an abusive childhood in which I became terribly disenchanted, depressed, sick and angry with LIFE. I suffered from a severe eating disorder, dis-functional relationships and low self esteem. By the grace of the Goddess, I discovered my spiritual path, and began the road to recovery and spiritual awakening. My devotion to the Divine Mother saved me. Following the wisdom of the heart, guided me. Many great adventures and powerful life lessons have and continue to come to me as a result, and today, I am Enchanted with and dearly love LIFE with all my heart".

Rhianne Teija NewLahnd is a Wise Woman who has always been ahead of her time. She is a teacher, artist, author, song writer, Master gardener and Nature lover. She is the owner of NewLahnd Studios , the Director of The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Academy and a highly intuitive oracle and spiritual guide who, for thirty years, has been a messenger of beauty, encouraging people to Love Life, Awaken to their magnificence and co-create a truly Enchanted world for ourselves and our children.

Rhianne is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki & Mariel practitioner & an Ordained Priestess in two orders. She has taught and performed on four continents and in 25+ states in the USA. She has been a keynote presenter at numerous conferences and gatherings, as well as a workshop leader . She created an original one woman musical play, SARAH OF THE SACRED GARDEN, that she performed 250 times. Divine Feminine Wisdom, Sisterhood, Enchantment, Being the Masters of our own lives,Working in harmony with Nature, and now, Simply Enchanted Living, are her main themes.  ( for a detailed list of events and presentations, go here)

The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Oracle System  

"A petite powerhouse with an ageless spirit and an ancient soul"

"A petite powerhouse with an ageless spirit and an ancient soul"


In 2004, Rhianne sold her Sedona home and all her possessions, and took off on what would become an epic four year vision quest, during which time, she created the prototypes for a brilliant heart centered Oracle and Teaching System that is greatly based on her experience with Women’s Wisdom Circles. Rhianne returned to Sedona and resettled in 2008. After a decade of research, testing, designing and implimenting, Rhianne is now sharing this exciting tool of transformation, The Enchanted Heart Wisdom System, with the world.

The "Song Within Documentary Film"

"In 2013  I had the honor of being one of 16 women chosen for a documentary film about Wise Women of the Sedona area. Our film debuted at The Sedona Film Festival to rave reviews, and can now be purchased or viewed online, or seen on Gaia TV. Part of the film included footage of an amazing event for 100 women I co-designed, that launched The Enchanted Heart Wisdom Council into the world.


  Rhianne's writing can be seen on the pages of Goddess Guru & White Light magazines, and on her Blog. Her new book,  Letters from The Garden of the Goddess, will be released in the Spring of 2019. You can enjoy some samples of the letters by signing up here.


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Rhianne is a fine artist, creating glorious Enchanted Tapestry Portraits & Sacred Adornments Jewelry pieces for her patrons, that bring out their magical selves.

Her studio is resplendent with fabrics, jewels, paints and treasures from all over the world. Her portraits are finding their way into the homes and workplaces of powerful, magical women. (find out more here). Her magnificent handwoven, beaded Sacred Adornments, are one of a kind, and can be custom made to fit a special occasion, or as a precious gift for a beloved.  



Beloved Charles Ruscher

Beloved Charles Ruscher


Rhianne lives her Enchanted life at Treehouse Cottage, the laughter filled, loving, creative home in Sedona she shares with Nova the dog, dozens of Quail, Doves, Rabbits, birds, lizards, dozens of varieties of plants and flowers and her beloved partner Charles Ruscher, who is the love of her life. Charles has taken most of the photographs on this website and his work can be found at He is also a partner at NewLahnd Studios, and a gifted healer. Her home for over 30 years, Rhianne has built a love filled life in Sedona with a community of loving, creative, wise, caring people.  




Resume for Rhianne Teija NewLahnd

 Rhianne has been a keynote presenter at a variety of conferences including:

  • the IIIHS Midwest International Conference,
    Sancta Sophia at Sparrow Hawk Village for Carol Parrish,
    Unity in Yoga with Yoga Masters from around the world in Israel,
    The Aware Conferences in Flagstaff Az. with John Robbins, Larry Dosey, Dr. E. Duran and others
    and Base Camp Seattle with Scarlet Rivera. 
     She was invited to perform an original song at the Women of Vision and Action conference in Washington DC with Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Rianne Eisler,
      Rhianne was the producer and director of the Heart of the Dove foundation, which sponsored seasonal celebrations in Sedona for many years.
    In 20She has published articles, most recently in the beautiful magazines out of Australia, Goddess Guru